Date: 2010-05-02 03:57 am (UTC)
Oh christ, I need a reason.
1. I'm awesome?
Fuck. That sounds so pretentious.
1. I'm awesome

1. I'm funny.
Yeah. People like funny. Right? Yeah. It makes you look sociable. Oooh. Sociable. Good word.

2. I'm sociable.
Oh wow. So are pedophiles, man. Fuck you.
2. I'm sociable

2. I'm honest.
Yes. Fuck yea. That's true. Hah. Get it? Damn you're good.

3. I'm witty
Yes. Because that's Thumbs up.

4. I'm a writer.
Everyone likes a writer. Right? I mean...right? Fuck, I hope so, otherwise you should find another pasttime that's a bit more socially acceptable. Wait. What?

5. I don't try to be anyone I'm not.
Hells yes. Fuck 'em all if they don't like you the way you are. Fuck 'em all, man.

6. I'm adorably OCD


6. I'm adorably OCD

Must post in multiples of five.
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